The tragus is a part of the body that you wouldn’t expect to be pierced. However, it can be easily pierced when handled carefully.

What Is Tragus?

It is the part of the ears that protrudes near the concha. The tragus is essentially the small curved spot on the ear that covers the ear canal.


This part has become a popular spot to pierce. However, Tragus Piercing has to be done cautiously for it to work out right. This includes getting it done through the services of a professional who understands how well the piercing process works.

How Does This Work?

The tragus piercing process works with a hollow needle used to puncture this part of the ear. The needle can be curved or straight depending on your preference. You can get this to work provided that the needle is sanitary and safe.

This is not going to be a painful process. This is thanks to the tragus not having all that many nerve endings.

What Jewelry Can Be Added To the Tragus Piercing?

You can add all sorts of  jewelry onto your tragus piercing. A barbell with a circular shape, for instance. A bead ring may also be added. The key is to have something that is small enough not to add lots of weight to this part of the ear while also being visible.

What About Recovery?

The recovery process will vary based on how well your body responds to the tragus piercing. It could take as little as one month to recover. Sometimes it can take up to six months. This is a good consideration that has to be explored when finding a sensible treatment.

Tragus Piercing

The piercing site should be cleaned regularly during the recovery process. Any kind of jewelry that is to be used here should be washed with care and should not be worn for too long as well. This is to allow the piercing site to stay healthy and under control.

Is Hearing Damage a Risk?

You will not be at risk of hearing damage when this piercing works. This is because it takes place outside the canal. The canal is not going to be impacted or touched. This is useful, but it is still important to see that a professional takes care of the process.

This piercing option is a unique choice that you should certainly think about. This can work quite well, but you should be prepared for the recovery process no matter how long it might last for.