Door knobs have several purposes. For instance, other than closing and opening doors, they offer an aesthetic value that makes your trailer door look different from the rest. This also reflects upon looks of your home. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of trailer door knobs than you may know. Unfortunately, most of us fail to give them a passing thought. Some can say, they never go for knob shopping and settle for any they find. In this post, you will learn about the various types of door handles and help you understand their unique characteristics.

Types of trailer door knob


These have been around for a long time. In fact, oknobld trailers and even homes have them. Most people consider them as very traditional. In the past, they used to be very expensive as compared to others currently on the market. However, their prices have dramatically fallen in the last few years. In fact, they are now regarded as the cheapest solutions currently on the market. They are durable and perfect for use on trailer door that is to be closed and opened often.


These are known to look magnificent in an appropriate setting. This is because they are artistic and colorful and can make the door shine. Also, they are known to break easily. The majority of the people do not mind spending extra amount on door knobs. However, when they find these are not durable products, they start to look somewhere else.

A lot of experts agree that the strength of these knobs is also their weakness. For instance, brass is made dull by harmful oils but offers great antique. However, it also loses its shiny. You can apply varnish on the handle. There are also glass door knobs that are known to be fashionable. However, they would not look great on every truck. Some people consider them ostentatious in a wrong setting.

Replacing doorknobs

You shouvanld note that replacing door knobs does not have to be a difficult process. Since they are an important part of our trailers or mobile homes, they ought to be replaced as soon as they get ruined or damaged. It is advisable to have them installed correctly using simple tools such as a screwdriver. When installing the new ones, you need to think about basic things such as proper matching and door design.