The kitchen worktops are critical because they add interest, texture, and color to any scheme. Many elements can be considered when it comes to choosing the ideal kitchen worktop. The budget, for example, will determine the type of material that you will choose. The other factors that you should consider are the maintenance cost, the texture, color, and the design details just but to mention a few. The kitchens Leicester have different types of the kitchen worktops. Let us explores the different types of the kitchen worktops.

Kitchen worktops


Whatever type of material that you choose all the work surfaces in the kitchen kitchenshould be templated. This is whereby different sizes of the templates are needed to fit in the different workspaces and areas in the kitchen.

Some templates are usually of the standard size whereas there are those that have to be cut on site. If you are designing a new kitchen you should but all this in perspective so that you can handle the different costs that come with it.


Granite is one of the great materials that is used to make kitchen worktops. The granite worktops are one of the most modern worktops because they are not only durable but reliable as well. It is an excellent work surface for most of the bakers since its surface is excellent for the pastry making. Every slab of the granite is usually unique just like the natural stones. You should, therefore, expect different colors and veining from the samples that you will be given to see. Granite needs to be carefully looked after as it easily stains or scratches.


The marble is another great worktop that you could use. The marble worktops are usually available in four materials. They are ideal for adding a natural and beautiful look to your kitchen. The marble worktop is unique, and it, therefore, needs particular attention. Make sure that you utilize the chopping boards on the surface and use the trivets with the hot pans. This will prevent it from getting damaged easily.


QuartzThe quartz worktops are also popular. They are available in a range of the edge profiles. There are two types of quartz the artificial quartz and the natural quartz.

The artificial quartz is preferred over the natural quartz because it has various advantages like the color consistency. The silicon quartz, for instance, is available in more than 60 Colors.