Identifying a good mattress that doesn’t irritate your lower back pain can be extremely hard. It can take multiple trips to endless mattress shops, trying out mattresses, but even then – you can’t be sure. Trying a mattress for a few minutes in a shop doesn’t give you an accurate representation of what that mattress will be like for the next few years that you’ll have it.

So if trying out mattresses doesn’t help much, what will help a lot?

Mattress Reviews


big Mattress The best way to identify a good mattress for lower back pain is to read reviews on various websites. Orthopedic mattresses tend to be the best for lower back pain as they are designed to provide relief for your back pain.

By visiting a website such as Amazon, you will be able to look at the top rated orthopedic mattresses, and read reviews from real customers. This will allow you to find customers with similar back pain problems as you, and find out about their experiences with specific mattresses.

Unfortunately, orthopedic mattresses can be expensive compared to standard mattresses. This is because they provide a much greater level of comfort, and often incorporate memory foam into the design.

Memory Foam Mattresses

It is best that you try and identify a good mattress for lower back pain which uses memory foam as the main construction material. Not everyone likes the feel of memory foam mattresses, so it may be worth having a look at a memory foam mattress in a shop first. The comfort and feel of memory foam mattress are very different to a standard sprung mattress.


couple cuddlingIf you do like memory foam mattresses, then you now need to find the perfect one for you – that provides relief for your lower back pain. As memory foam mattresses mould to your body as you sleep, they provide better amounts of support for your lower back. This means that every single part of your body is supported.

If you can’t quite stretch the bank for a memory foam mattress, you should try placing a thin pillow or folded up blanket under your lower back while sleeping. This only works if you sleep on your back all of the time and don’t roll around much, but it means you will get much better support. This method isn’t as ideal as getting a new mattress, but it works quite well as a temporary fix.